Fittogether iOS HealthKit App


The idea behind Fittogether was to create an app that combined personal fitness goals with team motivation. Fittogether brings together friends, co-workers, family anyone who wants to join and create a team and challenges other teams to best their score. The way this information was tracked was a combination of iOS's built in HealthKit API and use of Apple's CloudKit to easily store and secure user data. Using Apple's latest language Swift, coding Fittogether was some of the most interesting programming experiences I have had to date and really drives home what it takes to make a quality app. Fittogether was made in coordination with The University of Missouri journalism school who helped come up with the design and creative vision of the product. Ultimately as it stands the project is on hold as it is almost fully functional but the designers have since moved on, and the extra time to finish for certification standards would be too much at this time.